We provide a well equipped institute with state of the art facilities, starting from classrooms to the nitty-gritty’s to make the studying
experience of our students an easy and a well facilitated one. Parents are assured of the safety of their children at “Sakya” and discipline is of utmost importance to us.

Lecture Halls

The lecture halls at our institute are spacious and contain comfortable seating arrangements to accommodate a large audience. These halls are soundproof and contain multimedia projection and AV facilities.


Online examinations/ E-Learning

Sakya students have the opportunity to participate for exams online and special e-learning services are also provided for those in need of such facilities.

Recording of lectures via digital Video for future broadcasting

An option that makes the life of a student very much easier; a student who missed out a lecture conducted on the previous day or those who want to revise the course material taught the day before can go through the highlights broadcasted before the lecture is commenced as each lecture is recorded.


Computer labs with Dedicated Internet Connection

Our computer labs are modern, spacious and give students the chance to explore the world of knowledge via the internet.


Closed circuit cameras for higher security

CCTV cameras are fixed both inside and outside the institute to maintain high security.


Offset Printed Handouts for every lesson

Students are provided with lesson notes, learning material and revision notes in clear printouts.



To enhance the learning process of our students, we have built a library which has an extensive collection of books on each subject field.


Bar-coded Attendance Recording System

Attendance of each student is recorded using a bar-coded recording system which is also used to keep track of the payments made for classes.


Checking on the child’s attendance via Phone-in Inquiry

A unique feature provided by our institute, parents can inquire about their child’s attendance over the phone; with the aid of our bar-coded attendance we can provide details of daily and/or monthly attendance. Students are not permitted to leave during class hours, however in an extenuating circumstance, institute check with parents before allowing an individual to leave.



Stationary can be purchased by the bookshop maintained by the institute.

Class Room

Class rooms at the institute provide a healthy learning atmosphere for students with comfort and a touch of modernity. These rooms are air conditioned and well spaced.


Our staff consists of well reputed lecturers & dedicated administrative personnel who are courteous, highly skilled and ready to help.



Spacious canteen is available to grab a quick meal or to enjoy a hearty lunch before lectures.


Car Park

Car parking facilities are provided at the institute.

Comfortable Parents Waiting Area